Hidden Art Friday

wpid-img_20151126_103709295.jpgHope you had a great Thanksgiving!  Since we’ll be moving soon, we’re skipping the traditional Christmas decorating this year.  I wanted to do a little something, and this button tree ornament was a cute and easy craft with supplies I had on hand and hadn’t packed up yet.  I decided to try sewing the buttons instead of glueing them, but only my 8 and 6 year old “got” it.  I ended up having the little girls point to where they wanted the buttons to go, then I sewed them on.  And since I didn’t do a Real Housewives post this week, check out my cluttered kitchen counter!  Legos, the fish we’re fishsitting for the neighbor, markers, toys, things wrapped up in tissue paper that I need to box up for the move, and I’m pretty sure there’s a water bottle or two up there, too.

wpid-img_20151126_103203475.jpgDo you have leftover turkey that you’re needing to use up?  Since we got invited over to feast with friends after I’d started thawing my own turkey, we had our turkey on Monday and did turkey tortilla soup and turkey pot pie the next couple of days.

And don’t forget that we have a whole pinboard of Christmas ideas on our pinterest account.  We’ll be adding more ideas throughout the next few weeks!


Have a great weekend!

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Real Housewives of E2S: 8:21 pm

When your house is for sale and your upstairs is pristine for showings, the basement takes the brunt of it.

Basement2 Basement1


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Real Housewives of E2S: 4:45 pm

When the realtor calls to let you know she’s scheduled a showing for your house in an hour. And your daughter just dropped an unopened jar of applesauce, shattering it into a million sticky pieces covering three different rooms.

Anna's kitchen

Notice a theme between my kitchen and Emily’s? 

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Real Housewives of E2S: 10:42 pm

IMG_2956So when hubby’s out of town, mom’s night in consists of ice cream, Dancing With the Stars on Hulu, and lots and lots of laundry.


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