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Hi! I’m Anna. I’m a Midwestern girl transplanted to the East Coast with family on the West Coast. I’m a mother of 5 (soon to be 6!), and wife of a philosophy professor, which leads to some very well-reasoned fights in our house.

My husband and I met the very first week of college in a small Midwestern town, dated through college, and were married just after our junior year. Our first son was born about 6 weeks after we graduated.   After spending our first year of marriage in the familiar environment of school and good friends, my husband was accepted into a PhD program in another rural Midwest town, and we moved, to spend the next eight years there, where our next four children, all girls, were born. After spending many years raising children in the Midwest, we considered ourselves Midwesterners, and while the East and West Coasts seemed exotic, we felt they were not for us.

In his final year of grad school, my husband was offered a job as a professor at a small Christian, liberal arts school in Manhattan.  We moved to suburban New Jersey, and find ourselves, to our surprise, East Coasters with a lot of affection for New York City.

My story would not be complete without telling you a little about my fifth child, H. She was born just before we moved, and while all children are blessings, she is a particular testament to me of the love of God.  She was born with a rare birth defect that resulted in damage to her cerebellum. Her chances of survival were slim, and she needed brain surgery at five weeks. Through all the uncertainty and fear, we were sustained by the prayers of family and friends, and the help of our church family. We saw the love of God worked out through the actions and words of other people toward us, and we saw the kindness of God as he spared our daughter. She is very much our miracle baby.

I am passionate about being a keeper of my home. I love to spend time thinking and plotting about how to best nurture and educate my children, how to make my home beautiful and welcoming, how to feed my family well, and how to keep my sanity with five small children. I love my job, which is not the same as saying it’s not a daily exercise in sanctification for me. My own mother and mother-in-law have set the example for me of women devoting themselves to the raising of their children, and I am thankful for their example and wisdom. Other mentors include many different women in the churches we have been in, but especially the faithful women of ClearNote Church; as well as some favorite authors: Edith Schaeffer, many old dead puritans, and Rachel Jankovic, to name a few.               

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