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Hi!  I’m Emily.  I was born and raised in the Midwest and definitely consider myself a college town girl.  As the homeschooled daughter of a professor and a full-time homemaker, I always envisioned myself married to a Midwestern college professor, staying home with our own homeschooled kids.  My husband and I met in college, fell in love over literature and our shared affection for the Midwest, and were married right after graduation.  Before we had kids, I taught English literature and kept our home way tidier than it is now.

We’ve spent the last nine years moving all over the country (each of our four kids was born in a different state), so I’ve had a lot of practice packing and unpacking our home and making new friends in unfamiliar places.  Now that my husband is a professor and I get to homeschool our son (8) and oldest daughter (6), I’m living my childhood dream, except for the location.  We’re currently settled in Southern California, where the weather allows my little girls (4 and 2) to wear tu-tus year-round.  I still occasionally have culture shock.

In my copious amounts of free time (ha!), I love to read Jane Austen, work on sewing projects, host tea parties, and take pictures of my kids.  I enjoy cooking and laundry, but I loathe ironing and cleaning toilets!  (I’m still on the watch for a book that will help me avoid those tasks.)  My favorite dates with my husband involve browsing used bookstores for classic children’s literature and eating Italian food.

My mom is my greatest spiritual and vocational influence, and I’ve been encouraged in my calling by the writings of Elisabeth Elliot, Edith Schaeffer, and most recently, Rachel Jankovic.

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