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We’re on the middle of a trip back home through the Midwest, and I haven’t had much time to be online–I’ve been too busy enjoying time friends and family.  We started off this week at Bethany’s, where the idea to start this blog was born last year during our Memorial Day Weekend travels.  Our kids played together while we talked and talked and ate good food and talked some more.  We came up with tons of E2S blog post ideas, so you’ll get to see the fruit of our reunion for months to come!

Hidden Art Friday | everythingtosomeone.com

I’ve already taken hundreds of pictures on this trip (including Bethany and me taking a picture of us taking a picture)!  This Kevin and Amanda post is still the clearest explanation of using a DSLR camera I’ve found.  I go back periodically for a refresher.

So when I was visiting my extended family last week, my grandpa and I managed to switch lens caps from our different brands of cameras and not notice until he’d left. Fortunately, his cap fits my lens alright, but I’m hoping to use my sister-in-law’s machine this weekend to make a camera strap cover (with the handy elastic to hold the lens cap) so that this doesn’t happen to me again on this trip!

Inspired by Anna’s mention of waffles in her last Hidden Art post, I made these whole wheat waffles at my in-laws’ house on Sunday morning.  This is my go-to quick waffle recipe.  (I could probably do a whole post someday on my rotation of fancy waffle recipes…)

Warm summer evenings always make me feel like popsicles.  We use these amazing silicone molds to make healthy homemade popsicles (blend a banana, dollop of yogurt, and whatever other soft fruit you have on hand, pour into molds, and freeze for a few hours)!

Heather Haupt had a recent post on flying with kids that I found useful while planning airplane activities for this trip.  Each of our big kids had their own backpack of fun stuff, and the flight out actually went pretty smoothly.  We’ll see how the flight home goes on Tuesday.  Are any of you taking big cross-country flights with kids this summer?

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