Summer Reading Week

This week at e2s, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of our summer reading lists. Being the Monday poster, I get to go first, which is actually very good, since I’m sure I will be adding to my list whatever Emily and Bethany have on theirs 🙂SummerReading1IEverythingtoSomeone

I would like to clarify: this is a dream list that I will only finish in my dreams. It’s the list of things that have been on my list all winter, and am now hoping to finally get to. A short run-through:

Lit! and The Book Tree are both books on reading as a Christian and reading to your kids as Christians.

My spiritual enrichment books are The Cross, A Christian Manifesto, and Prayers of the Bible, all of which have been sitting on my shelf for a long time, waiting to be read.

My books on mothering and womanhood for the summer are Let Me Be A Woman, Fit to Burst, and Loving the Little Years, the last of which is a re-read that I try to do every so often.

The Closing of the American Mind I picked up at a book sale last weekend for 80 cents, and am very excited to finally read.

And North and South represents my classic fiction attempt for the summer :).

Last but not least, my husband recommended The Christian Family by Bavinck to me this semester, and am hoping to work up some posts for the fall based on my reading.

And, on the off-chance I get through my list while nursing an infant, I have my kindle with some fiction, including Harry Potter 🙂


I thought you might be interested to see what’s in store for my kids this summer, as well:

SummerReading2IEverythingtoSomeoneAs with my own list, I’m very skeptical of getting through all these, but they all look so fun that I couldn’t just pick a few! This pile is largely driven by the same used-book store where I found Alan Bloom. It’s very good that store is not anywhere near my house.


You might have noticed the backdrop to my piles of books: after a week of travel, we have arrived at our summer destination: a remote cabin on a lake in Montana. This is the view I wake up to in the morning, and I’m showing you just to make you jealous 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to the slow pace of life here: getting to read out loud to my kids when the mornings are cool, indulging in art projects, remembering how to knit, and having a baby! I think the relaxed summer will make me ready to head back to suburbia with renewed vigor.

What are you reading this summer? What have I left out?

Emily’s Reading List I Bethany’s Reading List


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3 Responses to Summer Reading Week

  1. Heather V.T. says:

    What a beautiful setting! I really enjoyed Lit! Did you find that copy at a particular used bookstore, too? You have encouraged me to add more non-fiction to my reading list. It’s something I neglect too often.

  2. Anna says:

    Heather, my father-in-law met us at the cabin to teach D how to open it up. He had Lit! With him, and I spent 2 days furiously reading it to finish before he left yesterday 🙂

  3. Elsa says:

    My mother just sent me all six volumes by Charlotte Mason. Here I go!

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