My Summer Reading List

No pictures from me today, as we got back late last night from our Midwest travels.  The long day was punctuated by the end at LAX–me alone in baggage claim with all four kids while my husband went to get the car, nursing the baby on the floor while trying to keep an eye out for our two suitcases (68 and 40 pounds, respectively) and three checked carseats, with the two year old (who had refused to nap on either flight) having a full-out screaming temper tantrum on the filthy floor.  Whew.  Now I’m looking forward to a low-key summer of reading on the back patio while the kids play in the yard!  Here’s my (slightly ambitious) list:

The NEW Strong-Willed Child: Birth Through Adolescence.  This was the first parenting book I read back when pregnant for T, and I find Dr. Dobson to be helpful and encouraging.  As soon as S hit two, I realized I needed to refresh my perspective on strong-willed children.

The Great Gatsby.  My book club picked this one because of the movie coming out, and I am embarrassed to admit that despite being an English major, I haven’t read it.  I infinitely prefer British to American lit, but sometimes it’s good to be forced to read a classic!

The Pickwick Papers.  I get next pick for my book club, and I think summer is a perfect time to enjoy some light-hearted Dickens.  The episodic nature of this story makes it easier to pick up and put down than some of my favorite longer Dickens novels.  And I can get it for free on my nook.

Witness.  My mom is a huge fan of Whittaker Chambers and considers this one of her all-time favorite books, so I really should have read it years ago.  I started it last summer but was too sick through J’s pregnancy to do much heavy reading.

And my reach…

The Count of Monte Cristo.  I have this one on my nook, as I’m not going to lug around a 1000+ page novel in the diaper bag, but I have to admit that I got about 100 pages in this fall and easily put it down for months.  This one might need to be a treadmill read this summer and fall.

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2 Responses to My Summer Reading List

  1. Heather V.T. says:

    Hi, Emily! I’m glad to have “met” you here through Anna. I love to read, so I can’t help but comment. ( :

    I loved the Count of Monte Cristo and read it in less than a month a few years ago, but Dickens has not struck a chord with me yet. Maybe something light-hearted and episodic would be better than Great Expectations to get me started.

  2. Hannah says:

    Ah, Monte Cristo…a book I picked for a paper, got stuck on, and was very happy to finish up during the power outages during that massive ice storm your sophomore year. It was a good yarn, as I recall, and would be a perfect treadmill treat!

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