Summer Snacks

Healthy Snack Week

This week, we will all be posting some of our favorite snack ideas. The best time to do this is summer, when produce is cheap, and kids can eat messy snacks outside! So this week, here is what we did:


This is one of my favorite snacks for myself and the kids. I chop up all sorts of summer fruit, and throw it all together in a bowl. This time, I used a watermelon, a cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and a can of mandarin oranges. Sometimes I will add pineapple, or blueberries (when in season). Sadly, I can only do this in the summer, as the price doubles in the winter. My kids are old enough to help assemble, too: E (7 1/2) can wash and chop strawberries, and L (5 1/2) and R (3 1/2) can pick grapes off the stems and throw them in the bowl. Good fun is usually had by everybody. When snack time comes, I will spoon it into little plastic bowls, and they take it out on the patio to eat.

In the winter, snacks look very different for us. I try to make sure the kids are really stocked up on fruits and veggies in the summer, while those things are cheaper, and in the winter we tend to do a lot more grains and baked goods. One of my favorite winter-time snacks are these banana-chocolate-chip muffins (I keep a collection of frozen bananas in the freezer for this purpose, and halve the chocolate chips), but I will alternate with oatmeal applesauce muffins, or on a special day, cookies or cinnamon rolls. I do not think that sugar is necessarily evil for my kids, so I don’t have a problem making them a baked good, but I really don’t like just giving them processed junk for a snack. And when I bake, there are always plenty of helpers looking for jobs to do!

What do you do for snacks?

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