Summer snacks (Bethany)

Healthy Snack Week

Snack time, which occurs around 3 PM in our house, is one of the highlights of the day for my children, which is funny to me because the food I serve then does not fall into the “treat” category. I guess the low blood sugar makes them think whatever they get is super delicious! We cycle through various snacks based on what’s in kitchen, my creativity, and how long it is until dinner (I try to give them a protein snack if we won’t be eating again for several hours). Here are their top 15 favorites:

15. Roasted almonds or cashews

14. Cranberry or raisin boxes (you buy them in a six pack)

13. Frozen peas

12. Cucumber “circles”

11. Apple sauce with cinnamon

10. Frozen peas

9. Red bell pepper slices

8. Apple slices with a dollop of peanut butter

7. Sugar snap peas

6. Jicama or carrot “spears” (we use them to make letters before we consume)

5. Cheese sticks

4. Hard boiled egg, halved and sprinkled with sea salt

3. Chopped fruit of the season

2. Cheese and whole grain crackers

1. Plain unsweetened yogurt mixed with chopped fruit and drizzled with some local raw honey

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