Hidden Art Friday


Berry season is in full-swing in my part of the country. We discovered a mulberry bush in our  yard and I picked enough to make four cans of jam. Then last night, our neighbor invited us to pick from his giant bramble of black raspberries (which, by the way, made the WSJ’s list of America’s Next Top Super Berry). My husband and I put the kids to bed, grabbed a colander and ran to the back yard. It was a delightful, spontaneous “date” (notwithstanding the mosquito bites and scratches from the thorns). We scored 14 cups of berries so canning is on the agenda for the weekend.

I loved Emily’s Road Trip Survival Tips! We have a big trip coming up in September, so I added her ideas to my travel folder. I also added these free printable travel bingo cards.

Have you seen the post entitled “Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families“? Fascinating, although a bit of preaching to the choir because I’m a compulsive neat-nick. However, my kids are not. So I am thinking of trying some of these creative ideas for getting them to clean up too. My four-year-old’s competitive nature will thrive on “Race Cleaning.”

With summer half-way over, I am starting to think about what I still want to fit in. Hosting an outdoor movie night is definitely on the list, and I’m consulting design blogger Jen Lutz’ party planning list to get the job done!

Hope your weekend is blessed!

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