Hidden Art Friday

Remember my spring cleaning post back in May?  I mentioned how desperately the hutch in our living room needed to be completely reorganized.  Travels, company, swimming lessons, and other summer activities kept me too busy to do it, but last week the big kids and I finally tackled the project during the little girls’ afternoon nap.  We pulled every single thing off and out of the hutch, threw away an entire trashbag of used papers and filled-up notebooks (am I the only one whose kids draw 100+ pictures a week?), reorganized drawers and bins, moved some things to other parts of the house, and put things back in an orderly way.  I don’t know how long it will stay that way (it’s already messier than when I took the picture), but it feels very satisfying every time I look at it!

cleaning the hutch

Home organization is one of the hidden arts that I’ve really had to work on over the years I’ve been a homemaker.  With four little people around, I’ve accepted that it’s going to be organized chaos for a long while, but it’s better than total chaos, right?  Right now I’m totally inspired by Allison’s laundry organization system, and I’m hoping to incorporate some of her ideas into our strange set-up (our washer and dryer are in our garage, which I guess is fairly normal here in SoCal…?).

I love the idea of displaying kid’s art as a decorative bunting.  Bonus: it’s more fun than throwing their pictures away.  I’ll share pictures in a future Hidden Art Friday post when I get around to this project!

This week, I reread an oldie but a goodie at Like Mother, Like Daughter, encouraging moms moms who feel guilty not contributing financially to their families.  Leila mentions quite a few other ways that you are investing in the life of the family.

Despite my best attempts to have a calmer summer, with plenty of home days, this summer feels like it’s flying by.  How are you enjoying your summer?

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2 Responses to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Christine Miller says:

    Thanks much for sharing your success with your hutch. You not only got it streamlined, you involved your children so they are learning organization! Thanks too for the Auntie Leila post– that was so good! She hit so many nails on the head!! I never felt guilty about not contributing financially but I had/have many of the other faulty views about my value at home. The Chesterton quote in the comments should be on every homemaking mother’s wall!!

  2. Anna says:

    I love that clothes organization system! I think we will be using that bamker’s box system….

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