Hidden Art Friday

scarf1This week, I posted the next step in my personal journey toward full-time motherhood. One aspect of my transition to motherhood that I did not mention was learning how to fill the time in all of those house-bound hours when my baby was napping. For one, I finally read the Harry Potter series. But then I languished until my husband suggested radio. To keep my hands busy, I purchased knitting needles and yarn. I taught myself to knit while listening to hour upon hour of Rush Limbaugh and Air America.

I don’t listen to as much talk radio now because of the presences of innocent little ears that absorb and innocent little mouths that repeat everything. I’ve graduated to online sermons, podcasts, and audio books. My kids and I are all fans of this free version of The Chronicles of Narnia.

This weekend, I plan on catching up on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me while making this easy and delicious pulled pork to feed Anna and her family as they pass through our town on Saturday, and finishing a tuck-in scarf for my littlest guy.

Stay at home mothers: what do you do to keep your brain active during the day?

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3 Responses to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Anna says:

    Yay! D was just telling me how he wishes I’d make pulled pork 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    Ha! My kids hate napping, so my main challenge is getting things done around the house while trying to keep the older one from harassing the younger one. I try to read/watch things in the evening that will provide material for contemplation during the day, and I come up with various creative schemes and story ideas (most of which go nowhere but are fun to think about!). I also listen to NPR and try to have fruitful discussions during playdates.

  3. Colene says:

    When my girls were young I read Agatha Christie novels. I liked figuring out who-done-it. And there are very rarely any children in her stories. It was my escapist reading and worked even when I was drained. 🙂

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