Hidden Art Friday

LotsOfKidsWhew. What a summer it has been. This past week, our family completed our summer by driving 2500 miles over the course of 5 days. One of our nights of travel we spent with Bethany and her family, and her pulled pork sandwiches were amazing. After getting the kids in bed much past their usual bedtime, the adults sat outside around the bonfire, swatting mosquitos and discussing almost every topic under the sun. I am so thankful for good friends. They keep me sane.

We saw other friends this summer, too. In a way, I feel charged up for the year–I think all the time spent talking with old friends who now live far away has given me energy to tackle the challenges I will face in the upcoming year.

As we get older and continue to reunite with old friends, the pictures have been changing. There are a lot more kids in them. The picture above is from a visit with dear friends last summer, but it is already missing baby JW. Can you find all 10 kids in it? A few are a little hidden. My husband and I don’t look like the college kids we used to be. But everything our elders said 11 years ago when we got married is true–as time passes, your marriage becomes more beautiful. The adding of a few new gray hairs only adds to the depth and comfort and familiarity. The same is true with friendships. As time passes, they deepen and grow.

I am thankful for our summer of reunions. It makes me look forward to an eternal reunion and gives me strength to press on.


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One Response to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Heather says:

    🙂 what a fun time it was!! Friendship is definitely a gift from God.

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