Hidden Art Friday

SailboatIt’s mid-September, but it’s been blazing hot here the past week. The kids are wishing we could jump in the lake one last time, but the lake’s 2500 miles away. Sad.

I’ve been doing some fall cleaning. For me, that doesn’t mean actual cleaning. It means rearranging and reorganizing, selling some furniture I’m tired of on Craig’s List, and buying some pieces that fit our lives better right now. My brilliant idea for the week? Whenever my girls fight, I give them some menial organizing task to do together. My junk drawer, our plastic-bowls-and-cups drawer, my hand-towels drawer, the silverware drawer, the cupboard in the bathroom. To my surprise, they do excellent work, and enjoy it so much that I have happened to find them in the kitchen, organizing to their little heart’s content. I’m not trying to make them OCD, but I guess you pass along your own faults to your kids 🙂

My kitchen success this week was these homemade granola bars. I made them with all peanuts, because I have a daughter allergic to tree nuts. I also used dried dates instead of raisins, since it was what was in the pantry. They were yummy. I might have had several.

And, as usual, I found Rachel Jankovic extremely helpful this week, in a painful, real-life sort of way. My favorite sentence was, “My Dad has always said that the difference between a clean house and a dirty house is not how many things are dropped, but how many things are picked up.” Thinking about this sentence allowed me to ask my husband to forgive me when I had been angry at him over something completely stupid. Just keep picking up the sin, one tiny little piece at a time.

I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful weekend, and that yours will be cooler than mine!


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