A Week’s Worth of Food: End-Of-The-Month Version

FoodForAWeekI’m excited to be showing you what we eat in a week, but I have to admit: this was a hard week for me to do this. It’s the last week of the month, and in an ongoing effort to make our food budget, we are eating what we have, and trying not to grocery shop this week. So, while this week’s version is slightly different that what it might look like other weeks, you’re also getting a pretty accurate snap-shot of the last week of the month, every month, at our house.

So, what are we eating this week? Steel cut oats with brown sugar for breakfast on the weekdays. To make it more fun for the kids, they get to top theirs with chocolate chips. On the weekends, they get to eat cereal, with either milk, soymilk, or ricemilk, depending on their preference. I usually eat eggs those days. We do not actually go through four boxes of cereal in a weekend, but we do go through two, and these are the ones that are open in the pantry right now.

We do not do a lot of prepared food for lunches. I don’t generally buy lunchmeat because it is so pricey and so filled with sodium. We eat a lot of breakfast for lunch, but this week the lunch menu includes homemade mac-and-cheese, pasta with jarred sauce, homemade wheat bread and cheese, and chocolate chip banana muffins. Normally I would include a fair amount of fruit with these lunches, but not this week.

Dinner this week is also an odd assortment. We’re doing chicken tacos on corn tortillas, homemade spaghetti sauce and salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing, and a Vietnamese pumpkin stew. I’m sure you noticed the pizza boxes, as well. Every Friday night, without fail, is our family’s pizza night. We eat pizza and drink Sprite in front of a fun movie with the kids. We love this tradition, and I love knowing that I have Friday night off of kitchen duty.

We also have plenty of ice cream this week, so the kids and hubby will be getting a fun treat 🙂 Those of us trying to lose baby weight will be abstaining.

I don’t know precisely how much this food cost. Like Emily, I do a lot of stocking up on weeks when things are in sale, so all the meat and canned goods were in my basement or freezer. I buy my steel cut oats, regular oats, whole wheat and regular flour at an Amish market in PA where they’ll sell it to me in 50-lb. bags. We’re actually headed out there this weekend, both to the Amish market, and also to an orchard, where I’ll be picking up apples for our yearly applesauce-canning week. We always buy tons of extra apples, and the kids and I will be eating them as snacks for probably the next 6 weeks. Just long enough to make sure we’re good and sick of them for the year.


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One Response to A Week’s Worth of Food: End-Of-The-Month Version

  1. Christie says:

    I can totally relate! The last week of the month is always a culinary adventure. I would love to hear more about your applesauce canning or get the link if you already posted about it.

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