Hidden Art Friday


In honor of our food week, I wanted to show you a pretty funny picture from one of our evenings with friends this summer. This is what it looks like to try to keep track of drinking cups for 13 people. It worked pretty well, until one of the adults decided to use her initials instead of her given name. That was downright confusing. And sweet H generally thought that all cups were her cup, and would drink indiscriminately out of whatever was closest. She does that with toothbrushes, too, but we try to keep that within the family.

The inspiration for our food week was this post, which you’ve probably already seen making the rounds on facebook or pinterest. What I found absolutely astounding about these pictures was the amount of processed food we westerners eat. When you look at the picture, the Africans eat basic, real food. Sadly, my picture of what we will eat this week looks a lot more processed and boxed than I wish it did. Oh well. Try again next week.

This weekend, we’re off to PA to pick up 10+ bushels of apples for canning. I’m hoping they still have a few peach seconds left, but I’m not sure they will. The kids and I will be spending next week processing all the apples, and making pie for my husband, since apple pie is his favorite dessert. We make it with Jonagold apples and fresh whipped cream. My daughter also turns 8 on Sunday, and her birthday request is usually Chipotle, and it’s hard to say no to that!

Happy eating to you and yours!

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One Response to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Heather V.T. says:

    Mmmm! Jonagold apples are our favorites, too, except for Liam who will only eat Granny Smiths – he’s a strange one, that boy, at least when it comes to food preferences!

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