Hidden Art Friday

My four year old got ahold of my camera this week.

child photographerHer picture is actually a pretty accurate representation of life at our house these days.  Baby J is on the move, trying her hardest to crawl, but I seem to always catch it out of the corner of my eye as I’m doing three other things at once.

Over at Pint-sized Treasures, Alison takes on the whole “quality time is just as good as quantity time” mindset.  She talks about how “the average American parent spends 5.4 minutes of “quality” time with his or her kid per day.”  Five minutes per day, folks.  While I’d like to pat myself on the back for staying home with my kids so that they can get quantity and quality time with me, Rachel Jankovic convicted me again this week about how I’m prioritizing my time at home.  Have you seen her post about doing motherhood and housekeeping in God’s strength?  I really needed to read it this week.

I was talking to a young friend this week about how aspiring to be a full-time mother is looked at as throwing away your talents/abilities/education.  We at e2s disagree!  And Suzanne Venker agrees with us in her post on SAHMs: The New Underclass.

And lastly, because it’s fall, I made these pumpkin scones for my CBS coffee this week.  What is your favorite fall treat?

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