4 Girls, 1 Closet

Closet 1This is my girls’ closet. I’m not bothering to show you the boys’ clothes, because C has his own room and more than enough closet space. Baby J’s clothes are currently in my closet, and there is no way I’m putting a picture of my closet on the internet.

All 4 girls have their clothes in here. The playclothes that are not currently in use are stored in bins in the basement. For a quick map, on the top left are summer church dresses (all sizes). Next to them are some fleece vests that my kids like to use as bathrobes in the morning. On the top right are all of the girl’s winter dresses (again, all sizes). On the top shelf are extra blankets, pillows, and pack-n-play parts. Along the bottom are their current playclothes, hung in matched sets.

Closet 3

I know, I know, totally OCD. I love this system, though, because when they go to put an outfit on in the morning, they will always put on a set that matches, instead of pulling random things out of a drawer and coming downstairs in a polka-dot skirt paired with a Dora t-shirt. The clothes hang from L-R, youngest to oldest.

In the Ikea Expedits are their bins for underclothes and pajamas, one for each girl.

Closet 2

This system would not work if I didn’t keep very close tabs on how many outfits the kids have. Generally speaking, the girls have one church dress and approximately four play-outfits. I can do this because I do laundry so frequently, so we very rarely run out of clothes. The clothes do wear faster this way. I find that I can usually only count on a play outfit getting through two girls. But I consider this a feature, rather than a bug. When the clothes wear through, I get to keep updating their closets with current styles, so I never feel like they’re suffering too much in old hand-me-downs. And because I’m not buying 10 different outfits, clothing shopping is not usually a huge budget-buster. Just a small budget-buster.

Like Emily, I do some garage sale-ing and consignment shopping, but I try to keep my four-outfit rule in mind as I do these things. We also never turn down hand-me-downs, but I go through the bags we get, weeding out what we won’t use, and pass them along to the next kid. Our hand-me-down situation was actually a huge testament to God’s provision for us this year: we were given hand-me-downs for five of our six kids this fall. Most of them had only been worn by one child. I was completely blown away by how God uses other people to bless and provide for us.

We will see how long I can get away with having four girls share a closet (and a bathroom!!), but for now, the system works!


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