Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m excited because I’m off to spend the day with my “book club.” We haven’t read a book together in about a year, but we have high hopes of picking one at this meeting! The day involves driving to the Philadelphia suburbs and spending the whole day with two sweet women–I can’t wait! And I don’t have to stress about dinner, because Friday is pizza night at home, so I get to come home to yummy New York pizza. My husband works from home on Fridays, instead of commuting into the city, so I will actually be leaving my two oldest with him for the day. They have a list of school work to complete, but after that they have permission to do (almost) anything they want. We’ll see if they bug their Dad to death, or if they’re able to be independent!

Sourdough Bread

As the weather finally cools down around here, I’ve been making bread a little more frequently. I have a whole wheat bread recipe from Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day that I love, but this week I’ve been playing with white bread a little bit. White bread is a super big treat in our family, and they’ve all been gobbling it down accordingly. My favorite new recipe is this one (and I have the same beautiful dutch oven she does!). Last night, I tried the same recipe, but instead of using yeast, I used my sourdough starter. It turned out yummy, with that slightly sour taste that I love. The kids don’t like it quite as much the original recipe, but they still ate it. Making two big loaves this week has left me with a few leftovers, so I’m thinking about trying french toast with it on Sunday. Yum.

Have you noticed that my past few Hidden Art Fridays have been about food? You’d think I was a nursing mom or something.

Happy Friday!

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