Hidden Art Friday

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I needed a pedicure this week. But after a really bad experience this summer, I have resolved to be a DIY pedicure person. So I decided, early in the morning, to give everybody pedicures. I’ve noticed that I have a much better chance at succeeding at an activity with the kids when I plan ahead and anticipate that it will take all morning.

And it did. I had the girls sit in a special chair, and I clipped and smoothed both their toes and their fingers. They all loved it. It was totally worth the tedium.

If you have not seen the lovely video about three stay-at-home moms (it was on our facebook page–have you liked us on facebook??), here’s a great link to see it. This post has also quoted extensively from the Chesterton essay where we took our name, so go take a look!

I’ve been trying to hone some of my cooking skills, so I’ve practiced making hollandaise a few times lately. I’ve been using Julia Child’s classic, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and in it is this wonderful little quote:

If you are used to handmade hollandaise, you may find the blender variety lacks something in quality; this is perhaps due to complete homogenization. But as the technique is well within the capabilities of an 8-year-old child, it has much to recommend it.

While I have been trying the handmade version, I assure you, my 8-year-old could not handle even the blender version. However, we did learn the definition of homogenization in science this week, so surely that counts for something!

Happy Friday!

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One Response to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Kara says:

    I love it the pretty toes! DIY pedicures is one of my favorite activities with my girls too!

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