Winter Reading Lists Week…and a Big Announcement!

winter reading week

Anna and I thought it was time for another what-we’re-hoping-to-read theme week.  Our summer reading week gave me some great ideas and the incentive to plow through some tougher stuff on my own list.  I was so glad that I did!

Here are a few books I hope to read before the end of the school year…

The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression.  It’s been on my bookshelf for a while, and I’m feeling in the mood for some history reading.

Three Men on a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Dog).  I just heard about this book via another new British comedy discovery this winter, Connie Willis’ To Say Nothing of the Dog, a Wodehousesque time-travel comedy the references the original Victorian comedy novel.  (As a side note, Connie Willis was my favorite new find of 2013–her time travel/historical fiction series Blackout/All Clear had me riveted all Christmas break at my parents’ home.  They’re long books, and you can’t put them down, so I wouldn’t recommend picking them up unless you have another 3 or 4 sets of hands to wrangle your kids while you lose yourself in WWII England with her time traveling historians…)

A Mother’s Heart.  This is such a great book on Christian motherhood, one that I need to reread every couple years or so.

Fablehaven.  This is my church book club’s pick for next month, and I’m always looking for new and engaging children’s fiction.  I hadn’t heard of this series before, but it was highly recommended.  And my library has the e-book, so I can read it on my nook while walking on the treadmill!

Detectives in Togas.  I love this children’s mystery set in Ancient Rome, and we’re reading aloud as a family.

and (with my son), Treasure Island.  I think he’s getting to a good age for pirates!


We have an exciting announcement to share!  Next week, we’re kicking off an Everything to Someone Book Club!

Several of you have expressed interest in challenging yourself to read more/reading with a book club/discussing books together.  We’re going to try an experiment and host a virtual book club on our facebook page.  We’ll set out a suggested reading schedule, but you can read and comment on our book discussion forum at your own pace.

Our first pick is Anthony Esolen’s Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, available through amazon and elsewhere.  If you’d like to join us, pick yourself up a copy, and we’ll share more next week!

{As we’ve mentioned before, we have an Amazon Affiliate account that gives us a special link code in the url of books we talk about here.   If you click on our links to buy the books (or shop through our Amazon store or search button over there on the sidebar), we get a small percentage of the sale as commission.  All money goes toward the cost of hosting this site.}

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3 Responses to Winter Reading Lists Week…and a Big Announcement!

  1. Dani M. says:

    Great post for lots of reasons! Thanks for the new book recommendations; I’ve requested a few from the library, though I think I’ll save Blackout/All Clear for a less busy time. And I’ve been wanting to read Esolen’s book but haven’t found the time/motivation. I’m not sure I have the time now, but I think a little e2s book club is just the right motivation!

  2. MJS says:

    Wait, did I tell you to read Blackout/All Clear? I tore through it in like 3 days this summer while I was in Germany, LOVED IT, and have been recommending it to people right and left but I don’t remember talking to you about this … so either I forgot or it’s just a funny coincidence.

    To Say Nothing of the Dog is also great (especially for anyone who knows her British fiction and history), and she has one more in the same universe, “Doomsday Book,” which was not-as-great but still worth reading. Maybe I’m just more interested in WWII than in the Black Death. I also picked up a book of her short stories but the couple I read were definitely not worth the time (like in an inappropriate I-don’t-want-that-in-my-head way), which has made me hesitant to pick up any of her more sci-fi type books.

    • Emily says:

      No, I just came across her at the library on my own, but I’m so glad you liked them, too! I actually read To Say Nothing of the Dog first, then the short story Fire Watch (but yeah, the other stories in there were weird and why I don’t usually read Sci Fi–I had the same response you did and didn’t finish them), then read Doomsday Book (which I also found intriguing but didn’t enjoy as much), then the WWII ones. Funny! We obviously need to share reading recommendations with each other more often. =)

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