Where We’ve Been–and Where We Hope to Go

We can hardly believe it, but this week marks nine months of blogging at Everything to Someone!  To paraphrase Charlotte’s Web, “after nine months of unremitting effort and hard work, we now have something to show for it.”  Though we’ve had something to show people over the last nine months, we now have a lot of great content to share with someone unsure about this stay-at-home mom thing.  Anna started off this blogging adventure with our first post explaining the inspiration for our blog last May.  Since then, we’ve blogged about all sorts of topics close to our heart, revolving around the central goal of celebrating full-time motherhood.  And since we’re all moms who know it takes nine months to grow a baby, this seems to be a meaningful time for us to share some stats and our vision for the future of our blog.

Our Stats

We are a very small blog, volunteer run, and not in it for profit.  The only money we make is through our amazon associates affiliation, in which we make a small percentage back when you make amazon purchases through the links in our website.  To date, we have earned $118.53, all of which has gone towards the cost of hosting the website.

Since starting, we’ve had just over 20,000 page views total.  Our highest traffic day to date (with 554 hits) was August 8, 2013, when Bethany posted the second post in her series on Why Full-Time Mothers Matter.  On average days that we publish a new post, about 50 people are reading that post, and we get 20 or 30 hits on other posts on the blog.  When someone shares else our post on facebook, our daily hits nearly double.  When someone likes or pins our post, we get a noticeable bump, as well.  So if you find that a post encourages you, please feel free to share it!  Preaching to the choir of our close friends and family is comfortable, but we’re always happy to welcome new readers.

How Things Stand Right Now

My sister-in-law recently forwarded me this article on design*sponge about how the blogging world has changed lately.  Though we’re not a high traffic blog trying to bring in income with advertising fees, many of the blogger’s observations ring true for us.  Quite often, we spend hours crafting a post, only to have no one comment.  We’ve been asking each other whether E2S is a worthwhile endeavor for two busy homeschooling moms at this stage of life.  For now, we’ve been encouraged to press on after conversations with some of you and the realization that we haven’t run out of things to talk about (and practically every week, we come across another new article promoting a toxic message about motherhood)!

Looking Ahead

So in the future, expect to see more weekly posts from Anna and me on motherhood and homemaking.  Coming up…babies and sleep, go-to meals, family traditions, and more analysis of our culture’s view of motherhood.  In March, we’ll have Mentor Mondays with guest posts from women who have encouraged and inspired us in our vocations.  Through our facebook book club, we’re hoping to help each other stretch our minds.  Through our new Saturday quotes series, we’re hoping to bring a quick message of encouragement to moms with literally under a minute to spare.

I’ve spent a lot of my free time in the evenings looking into how blogs gain readers.  There are dozens of sites promising to quadruple the traffic of “mommy bloggers” willing to pay a reasonable fee.  But you know what?  We don’t want to be just another mommy blog.  We think our vision is a little different.  Sure, we love talking about all the subjects dear to moms.  But as I said in my first post, we’re being bombarded with false messages about motherhood.  This blog’s chief goal is to clear those out and clarify why our calling is so important.  How are we doing?  Will you help us spread the vision of being everything to someone?

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3 Responses to Where We’ve Been–and Where We Hope to Go

  1. EStack says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! 🙂

  2. Justina says:

    I have been greatly encouraged and often challenged by your posts, but have failed to let you all know that through comments!! I left my full time job as a nurse in May to stay home with my 2 (now 3!) boys – God’s leading us to a decision for me to stay home and the beginning of your blog was sovereign timing. Thank you for your 9 months of blogging!

  3. Katie says:

    Even though I’m not a mom yet, and am not sure that I will be a stay-at-home mom when we do, I none the less appreciate what is shared on this blog and want to encourage all of you to keep it up. 🙂 Thanks for sharing so openly about your lives – there are still plenty of things I as a wife glean from this as well. 🙂

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