Cultural Resistance Fighters

Cultural Resistance Workers

Is the life of a stay-at-home mom really significant on a cultural level?

After four years of intellectual rigor in college and excitement about impacting culture, was it a cop-out for me to stay home to raise and educate my children?  I’ve never regretted my life path, but sometimes it’s hard to compare myself with friends (including my husband) who are on the front lines of the culture wars, working in DC or doing great things with pro-family organizations or fighting for the rights of the unborn.  I’m wiping noses and changing diapers–that’s not part of the fight for Biblical values, right?

Wrong.  As full-time mothers, we are fighting the culture war on a daily basis, and I’ll use a historical illustration to explain why.  I love reading about heroism during WWII, especially the Dutch Resistance movement during the Nazi occupation of Holland.  With their official army defeated, their queen in exile, and the country under Nazi control, the people of Holland managed to fight on in more subtle ways for five long years.  They hid Jews in their homes, raised Jewish babies as their own, undermined German intelligence work, protected downed Allied pilots, and sabotaged the Nazi war effort.  With their children being fed a toxic worldview in the schools and official media, brave parents had to counteract these messages by teaching them the truth at home, training them to have compassion for the helpless, to see God-not any earthly Leader-as their ultimate authority, and to treat everyone, young and adult, with dignity.  Though the Dutch people living under occupation were not fighting on the front lines, they were in the battlefield on a daily basis…and ultimately, they were victorious.

Sound familiar?  As mothers, we may not be in the visible front lines of the culture wars, making laws or writing amicus briefs.  But we’re Resistance workers, playing a vital role in our society by raising our children in the Lord.  Our Enemy is real, and he hates what we’re doing: 1 Peter tells us, Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  He hates healthy families whose foundation is the Word.  He hates marriages in which husbands and wives personify Christ and His Church for the world to see.  He hates parents who point their children to Christ.  He hates wives who speak respectfully of their husbands.  He hates children who obey their parents and parents who seek to not provoke their children to anger.  He hates familes like Anna’s who raise special needs children with love and joy instead of aborting them.  He hates families who adopt orphans and give them a safe and loving home.  He hates women who sacrifice their youthful bodies to bear children.  He hates families who open their homes to others and practice hospitality.  He wants us to be slaves to depression, discouragement, and feeling taken for granted.  Our fight is real, and it is not easy.

Next time you’re feeling insignificant, remember that you are a cultural Resistance fighter.  Press on!

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2 Responses to Cultural Resistance Fighters

  1. Christine Miller says:

    Very true and good– this fits well the admonition to think on good, true, praiseworthy things. If this battle is not fought at home, it gets 10 times or 100 times or 1000 harder to fight on the ‘front lines’ and see any real fruit. Absolutely: I am a Cultural Resistance fighter!

  2. Robert Seward says:

    If you are interested in World War Two books, may i suggest Shatered Lives Shattered Dreams by Russell Estlack. It is a series of biographies of German Americans who were accused of being Nazis by the U.S. government. though innocent, they were thrown into internment camps, similar to what happened to the Japanese. Pilgrims of War: A Dramatic Novel about the U.S. Internment of Japanese, German and American citizensand Immigrants during World War Two by Carl Veno is also worth mentioning.

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