Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everybody! I don’t know about you, but I am good and ready for winter to be over. We have had two days of melting snow here, which means that the piles are now only 18 inches high, and very slushy. All this melting means that there’s a flood watch for our area this weekend. Glad we live on a hill!

Cabin fever has definitely played a part in our growing discontent with winter. I have found that my temper has been shorter than usual these past few weeks. Maybe you’ve already seen this, but over at Hands Free Mama, she has a lot of really helpful things to say about yelling at your kids. There’s a lot of info there–I don’t think I’ve read all of her posts on it, but the ones I have read have been incredibly helpful.


I was excited this week to get my order for next year’s school in the mail. I always find it ironic that while the kids and I are counting down the days till school is over, I really enjoy ordering next year’s books and supplies. Probably something about a fresh start, and clean books that have no writing or tears in them. The kids kind of generally groaned while I opened all the boxes, but when I showed them what level math they would be in next year, they got pretty excited.

How about you? How are you managing February?


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  1. EStack says:

    The book on Michelangelo is fabulous! My mother taught elementary art and used that series for art history in the classroom.

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