Quality time with our children can’t always be planned ahead.

I cringe when I hear, “It isn’t how much time you spend with your children that matters, but whether the time you do spend is of high quality.”  High quality for whom?  If we define quality time as that which meets a need, we must ask, “Meets a need for whom?”

Quality time for a four-year-old may be having Mommie there to kiss a scrape and apply a bandage.  A nine-year-old may consider it quality time if Mom is available to talk as soon as he bursts through the front door after school…

Quality time for our children often defies advance scheduling.  We may fool ourselves to think that quality time is time scheduled for our convenience.  But we won’t fool our children.  We cannot afford to neglect the everyday “being-there” experiences and hope to make up the difference with occasional times scheduled in the future for our convenience.

–Jean Fleming, A Mother’s Heart

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One Response to Quality time with our children can’t always be planned ahead.

  1. Erin says:

    Thank you! A great quote and I can read it!

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