Hidden Art Friday

shape sandwichesAm I the only one who gets into a lunch rut with my kids?  I try to offer variety, but all my kids want is PBJ.  This week, I randomly had the cookie cutters out over the lunch hour when inspiration struck.  “Do you want your sandwiches cut into shapes?!” I asked, and to my surprise, their response was ecstatic.  My cookie cutter collection is heavy on the Christmas shapes, so we tend to go in that direction.  I was concerned at first that they wouldn’t want to eat the leftover outer part, but T solved that problem for me by exclaiming that their plates looked like puzzles.  Now they happily eat the shape sandwich and the outer puzzle section.  And life is good.  I may not be a Martha Stewart, but even I can use a cookie cutter!  Anyone else have an easy (no artistic talent required) tip for making their kids’ lunches fun?

everythingtosomeone hidden art fridayMy baby turned one this week, which meant another excuse for cake!  A friend had given me these cute little decorations for a Happy Birthday Jesus party at Christmastime, and we had enough left over to decorate J’s cupcakes.  It was a really simple birthday, but we liked it!

Since we’re celebrating reading aloud this week and next with our guest posts from Donna, I thought I’d revisit our archives on the topic.  Bethany blogged about five read-alouds she enjoyed with her under-five crew.  Elsa talked about her favorite read alouds for babies here and for toddlers here.  What books are your kids enjoying right now?

And don’t forget about Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your ChildThis week, we’re aiming to discuss “Method 4: Replace the Fairy Tale with Political Clichés and Fads” on our facebook forum.

Happy Friday, friends!

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One Response to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Elsa says:

    I haven’t managed to do it yet, but I always think of Bread and Jam for Frances (I think that’s the one), in which Frances dresses up her lunch by using a cloth napkin, setting her utensils properly, and putting a flower in a vase. Whereas the kiddo and I tend to end up eating out of tupperware while I hop up and down to retrieve the silverware I’ve forgotten.

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