Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday!

This week, in preparation for spending the summer out west again, I culled through my closet. I have a hanger of beautiful summer scarves, but I only wear about half of them. Two of them I had gotten on clearance at Target at the end of last summer, and hadn’t even taken the tags off. Bonus! Gotta love shopping in your own closet.

As I pulled out all the scarves and tried them on, trying to decide which ones to get rid of, I found that my two favorites I never wear because they hang really funny. I put that together with the fact that the ones I wear most frequently are infinity scarves, and decided to turn them into infinity scarves. All it took was one quick seam joining the two edges, and now they drape beautifully. I’m looking forward to wearing them often this summer.

I had two others, though, that I knew I would never wear. One is just the wrong color combo for me, and the other was made of a stiffer cotton that just did not hang nicely at all.  So I gathered up all the girls, and we cut them up into kid scarves. Continuing with my infinity theme, I sewed all the ends together so that the girls are never dealing with stray scarf ends. They only loop around the girls’ necks once, making them more like scarf necklaces than scarves, but for little people, having less fabric is better.


They love them. Giving them new, fun scarves did not solve our basic kid-scarf problem, though. They still leave them at church almost every Sunday. Oh well. One step at a time.

Enjoy your weekend!

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