Hidden Art Friday

When Elsa told me about decorating A’s room with a classroom-sized map, I knew I needed pictures to share with all of you for this week’s Hidden Art Friday post!  I love maps and just rearranged the kids’ bedroom, so I’m taking notes, too.

HAF map hanging1HAF map hanging2HAF map hanging3Shortly after we moved into our present apartment, I got a great deal on a large world map in colors that match A’s room. It languished in the closet for well over a year while I tried to figure out how to hang it. It is 51 inches across, so professional framing was absolutely out of the budget, and anyway it came already laminated. I also wanted to have it look a little more like a pull-down classroom map.

Although I love the idea of DIYing, I’m terrible at actually finishing projects. I also don’t have a good work space or the proverbial “well-ventilated location” for painting, so I needed a solution that I could finish in an hour or two and that wouldn’t require anything fumey.

When I finally figured out what to do, the whole process–buying, preparing, assembly, and hanging–was done in one day. It’s just four lengths of this moulding we got at Home Depot (if you get it in-store, you can buy it cut to the right size, priced per foot) clamped to the edges of the map with large binder clips. I took the handles out of all clips except the hanging ones. Those one have a little length of wire wrapped through the handles to keep it from rolling away from the wall.

I didn’t really want to put the two “extra” clips on top for hanging, but I did want to pound the hanging nails into studs, so added them to get the spacing right. The whole thing isn’t heavy, but it is large and easily reachable for A to mess with, so I didn’t want it coming down on her head. Although she swings the bottom rail against the wall, I haven’t seen her tugging on it, and it has only come off the wall once (unfortunately, I don’t know how it happened because it was during naptime).

What sorts of decorating projects do you have planned this summer?



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