Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everybody!

I know this week was about crock-pot meals, but I have nothing to add to that theme today. No helpful links, no nice pictures. Nothing. As I told you, I’m really not very good with my crock pot, so maybe today you all should send me helpful links! Along those lines, are you sending us your good rice-n-bean recipes?

So instead, today I’m going to show you how much I love letting literature help our daily lives. A couple years ago I picked up a cute little book on the clearance rack at Border’s (back when there was a Border’s). The theme of the book is the dire consequences of slamming the door. The book is written as poetry, and the kids and I have read it so many times that we can quote most of it.


Here at the cabin, we have some doors that slam horribly if the kids aren’t paying attention. The baby’s room is on the main floor, so if they come in and let the door slam, there’s a good chance it will wake the baby. The actual words to the poem are this:

Please don’t slam the door!

Don’t slam that old screen door.

A slamming door will wake the cat,

and heaven knows we don’t want that,

we’ve been through this before.

I can’t take any more.

While I can’t say that the poem and picture posted on the screen have stopped all slamming, it has certainly helped. And instead of me telling them over and over not to slam it, they chuckle as they walk by the poem. Mission accomplished!

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

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