Great Audiobooks for Long Road Trips

Last year, I shared some of our best survival tips for long road trips with kids.  We’ll be spending a month on the road this summer, so I’m compiling a list of CDs to enjoy as we drive from SoCal to Michigan and back.

ten great audiobooksHere are five of our favorite kid-friendly audiobooks that don’t drive Mommy and Daddy crazy!

  • Charlotte’s Web is my all-time favorite audiobook.  Author EB White brings such flavor to this sweet story, which I’ve fallen in love with all over again with my kids.
  • Paddington Bear stories read by Stephen Fry are a big hit around our house.  Paddington’s exploits with the Browns feature enough slapstick humor that even my littles laugh, but the layers of comedy have us smiling knowingly.  A friend gave us a Paddington anthology when our first was born, telling us that these stories helped them understand their own child better.  I have to agree.
  • Adventures in Odyssey have held up pretty well, considering our kids are the second generation listening to them on long cartrips!
  • The Chronicles of Narnia, read by such great British actors as Kenneth Branagh and Jeremy Northam, have long been a staple of our family road trips–my husband actually bought me this boxed set before we even had kids.  It was CS Lewis who said that great children’s literature can be enjoyed by adults, too.  We concur!
  • Winnie-the-Pooh is one of my son’s favorite books, and there are several great audiobook versions out there.  We love this recording, reader’s theater-style, featuring more British greats such as Judi Dench and Stephen Fry.  (I could listen to Stephen Fry read the dictionary…)

We also listen to music, from classical to Bible verses set to song.  I recommend these five…

  • Peter and the Wolf was one of our kids’ first introductions to various instruments in the orchestra.  This version (read by David Bowie, of all people!) includes the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and Carnival of the Animals, both of which are great for discussion with the kids.
  • Vivaldi’s The Four Seaons is another piece that is fun to talk about; we have them explain what about the music sounds like spring, and how the different seasons have different sounds.
  • Holst’s The Planets is more of the same.  Rousing good music, and a chance to discuss Greek mythology and music all at once!
  • Seeds Family Worship has a great series of Bible verses set to music.  I’ve had these CDs playing in my minivan for years, and I often find an applicable Bible verse running through my head thanks to a Seeds song.  My kids can memorize anything set to music, and I love that they’re filling their minds with scripture!
  • To Be Like Jesus is our newest addition to the music library–it’s an album of songs based on the fruit of the spirit.  I bought it for the “Self Control” song (much needed by a child of mine who shall remain nameless), but my kids are already singing several of them around the house!

What else can I add to the mix for our next road trip?


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2 Responses to Great Audiobooks for Long Road Trips

  1. Nicole says:

    We’ve been enjoying To Be Like Jesus free on Grooveshark this morning for the first time. Some of the Seeds Family Worship music is on there as well for those who don’t want to purchase anything right now.

  2. Kaitlyn H. says:

    The complete and unabridged Tales of Beatrix Potter read by Nadia May is wonderful! My husband and I love these stories, as does our 4 yr. old daughter, and the reader is superb.

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