Hidden Art Friday


I pinned this easy chalkpaint two years ago. And then again last summer, forgetting I had already pinned it. Whoops! With August just around the corner, I decided it is was now or never. I could not be more thrilled with the results!

This art project is truly amazing! The supplies are relatively inexpensive (food dye, corn starch, water and paint brushes/sponges). The paint is easy to make–an older child could do it. The mess stays outside. The art is large-scale. People of all ages enjoy it (from my 23-month-old all the way up to me!). And the art is open-ended; you can use brushes, sponges, twigs, rocks. You can paint, drip or even “throw” the paint on the surface. I say this because my kids discovered “splatter painting” ala Jackson Pollock although they know nothing about him yet!

One note of advice. Prepare a separate cup of paint for young toddlers. My little guy was mixing all the colors together until I gave him his own cup.

Some other summer ideas that I hope to cram in at the last minute:

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