Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are back from our summer out west. My husband doesn’t start teaching for a few weeks yet, and we won’t start school until the beginning of September, so we still have a few weeks of play left.

Garden1This is the garden that greeted us when we got home. I tried a gardening experiment this year: I planted my garden full of basil, tomato, and jalapeno seeds before we left. My plan was just to see what happened when we got home. And here it is! It doesn’t look like the jalapenos made it, but the tomatoes and basil are doing fairly well, considering. It took us an entire day to clear out the weeds, and to our surprise, we found a volunteer butternut squash. It must have sprung from my composting in the winter.Garden2

There were a few red tomatoes greeting us, but they all had end-rot. I’m hoping that consistent watering over the next few weeks will save the others. The basil plants were a little scrawny for lack of pruning and having to fight their way through the weeds, but they have now been pruned, and I’m hopeful that they will produce a good harvest for me. In weeding, I accidentally snapped one of the branches full of green tomatoes, so now I’m googling ideas for green tomatoes. I’m not really interested in fried green tomatoes, though we might try it once, but more thinking along the lines of green tomato chutney. Any ideas for me?


And lest you think I have any natural skill in gardening, let me assure you: I don’t. It’s all complete luck. Growing food continues to baffle me, and after a season of trying, I usually decide it’s much cheaper and easier to buy my produce at the grocery store. When discussing gardening woes with a friend this week (who has also had some unfortunate gardening experiences this summer), she told me about The $64 Tomato. While I haven’t read it, the title had me laughing.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


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