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Pinterest, like every other popular website, can be a huge time-waster.  But it is pretty helpful when you’re an uncreative soul wanting to throw a nature-themed baby shower for your outdoorsy sister-in-law.  It all came together this past weekend back home in the church where I grew up.  While my other sister-in-law (an artist) handled decorations, I made my stock party food (fruit salad and scones), used these directions for the homemade stump cake (which my artistic dad thankfully was home to help me frost since cake decorating is not my forte), and threw in Cammy’s favorite lemon bars and some hummus cups with veggies.  And I shamelessly stole the idea for a “tea tree” from this party blog.  My kids are so looking forward to meeting their very first cousin, arriving this fall!


Elsewhere on the web, Kelly at My Daddy’s Tractor blogs about a gentle start to their homeschooling year.  Pretty much everything she says resonates with me (particularly the need to adjust schedule expectations), and this is how we started last year.  This year, due to our late summer vacation, we won’t have that luxury.  Stay tuned ’til next month when Anna and I will be doing another homeschooling theme week, or read our posts last year on a typical homeschool week at our houses: Anna | Bethany | Emily  (NB: Things have changed for all of us since last year!)

As I look forward to a clean slate with the start of the school year this fall, I find myself coming back to Christin at Joyful Mothering’s post on whetting our children’s appetites for the Bible and excellent things.

When does school start up in your neck of the woods?  Any exciting new plans for the fall?

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