Hidden Art Friday

homeschool shelvesSince we spent this week talking about homeschooling, I thought I’d show you a picture of my new homeschool shelves.  Last year, I was still able to fit our school bins and supplies on my catch-all hutch, but as I’ve shared, it quickly gets cluttered.  With two kids officially homeschooling (and several additional subjects in the mix), I realized I just had to have more storage space for our school stuff!  I bought this shelf on a facebook exchange group and found to my delight that it just fits into the space between my hutch and desk.  It’s mostly hidden from view behind our couch, so I skipped hand painting decorative bins or weaving my own color-coded baskets for each subject (ha!) and rather just went to Target and picked up a bunch of sterilte containers with lids that the baby can’t pry off yet.  I wish we had a whole room to devote to schooling (and time to make everything beautiful!), but we’re making do with basic-and-organized for now.

As always, Rachel Jankovic has encouraging words that hit me right where I’m struggling.  Last week she talked about how our desire to have more organized, neater, cleaner homes can distract us from the real point of our homes.  I loved this: “This is the answer to what you are trying to do at home: win souls. Your home, your cleaning, your cooking, your laundry, and all the things you do are simply the tools that God has given you to use as you win souls.”

Do you ever see those headlines that it costs a quarter of a million dollars to raise a kid in America today?  For those of us with larger families, that can sound pretty expensive!  But my husband drew my attention to this article, which puts those astronomical sounding figures in perspective.  (And I blogged this spring about a few of the ways that our family spends way, way less than that on our four kids!)

Have a lovely weekend!


If you’re new to the blog and Hidden Art Fridays, we use this space to share links that have encouraged or interested us, pictures of our own homey tasks (organization, home decorating, cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, or whatever strikes our fancy), and details of our daily life.  We’re inspired by Edith Schaeffer’s Hidden Art of Homemaking, a book that we highly recommend.  (And whenever we link something to amazon, we include our affiliate code, which earns us a small percentage when someone clicks through and makes a purchase.  So far it has helped cover web hosting fees and a blog contest prize!)  

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