Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday!  Here in SoCal, we’ve been baking in the 90s and 100s all week (and last week), so we have the kiddie pool out and in heavy use.

poolOf note this week: We’re honored to be mentioned in Tender Tidings magazine, put out by intentionalcatholicparenting.com.  In her article on finding intellectual outlets as a stay-at-home mom, Angela mentions our blog, referencing my post on the same topic.  Thanks for the shout-out, Angela!

A new friend of mine is struggling with some long-term health issues, so I’ve been trying to make her a meal every week or so to give her a bit of a break.  Many of the meals my kids love (like chicken pot pie) are a bit more labor-intensive, but it’s often not that much more work to do double.  So whenever possible, I try to make double and freeze or give away one.  One meal that doubles (or quadruples) well is Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole from Picky Palate.  And I always give bonus points to something that can be baked in the crockpot on days (like today) when it’s too hot to use your oven.  We love this recipe for Chicken Mirabella from foodlets.  I always triple or quadruple it when chicken goes on sale!  Though the recipe tells you to bake in the oven, I’ve found that it works just as well in the crockpot for 3-4 hours (or until chicken reaches 165 degrees).  (Don’t forget that we have a crockpot recipes board on pinterest!  Follow us there for more ideas.)

What are your favorite double-and-give-one-away meals?

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4 Responses to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Erin says:

    Do you use the Trader Joe’s prepared wild rice that she recommends? Can you recommend a substitute? Thanks!

  2. Margee says:

    I leave out the jalapenos sometimes for kids, but it isn’t too spicy even with them. It is my new favorite.

  3. Emily says:

    I have just cooked up my own wild rice or just used all brown rice (since my kids are kindof weirded out by the wild rice). I have never used the prepared stuff.

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