Hidden Art Friday

These two.


These two are causing me to rethink my long-held desire for twins. Or maybe God is using them to prepare me for the twins I have always wanted. I don’t know. What I do know is this: they are busy, busy, busy.


I think they’re so similar and play off each other like twins would because developmentally, they’re not that different. The baby is now just as mobile as the three-year-old. In my mind, they’re both in the ‘wobbler’ category: they can walk, but it’s unpredictable, and could take a nasty tumble at any time. They can climb, but once they’re up, they’re stuck. They’re mobile with no discernment.

They have their own secret language, too.

They seem to have some sort of unspoken ‘you watch my back, I’ll watch yours’ agreement. The baby sorts through the trash, picking up bits of lunch that still look perfectly edible, while the three-year-old stands guard. “If Mom comes, I’ll let you know!” They go through our beautiful drawers of art supplies with glee. I find the baby sucking on a paintbrush, while the three-year-old colors on the floor with sharpies. They open the ink pads and chew on the crayons. They get into the game closet and rearrange all the little pieces, and the three-year-old is just savvy enough to try to put the lid back on to cover up the evidence. They sneak up to the big girls’ room and scatter the legos. They especially delight in pulling out books.


And they fight. One drops a sippy, and the other decides it’s theirs. In the middle of a heist, the three-year-old decides her conscience is bothering her and comes to tell. The baby grabs her ponytail and hangs on for dear life, while she is powerless to make him stop. He steals her baby doll and makes a break for it.

Yesterday, I went in the big girls’ room to find the baby causing destruction. I let go of the three-year-old’s hand to fix the problem, and when I turned around, she was gone. Next door, in the bathroom, she was painting with toothpaste. I put the baby down to clean her up, and when I turned back around, he had unwound the toilet paper.

I think, because I’ve had toddlers before, it’s not quite as troublesome to me as it might have been five years ago. I have a little bit of perspective. When the baby chases his sister out of the bathroom with the plunger, it’s pretty funny. But I’m human, too. After stunts like the one above, I’m ready to sit down with a girly movie and a bowl of ice cream. One day at a time.

On that note, have a wonderful weekend, everyone! May your toilet paper remain on the roll!

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One Response to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Sara H. says:

    It only took one child for me to decide that it was God’s blessing that she wasn’t twins! It’s fun to see your family growing up through this blog. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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