Hidden Art Friday

e2s pumpkinsIt’s fall!  (Here in SoCal, that means it’s in the 60s instead of the 70s when we first get up in the morning.)  I took the kids to get pumpkins this week, and we celebrated by eating pumpkin pancakes for breakfast two days in a row!

Although it’s not cold enough for winter clothes, I did decide to pull out everyone’s jeans and find out how much everyone had grown since last year.  When do you switch out clothes?  Anna and I shared our organizational systems for kid clothes last year, so I won’t rehash it all now.  (Anna’s method | my method)

Thanks to Heather Haupt at Cultivated Lives for bringing my attention to this article on why early learning programs don’t help and may harm our children.  It’s very much in line with what Anna has been saying in her current series.


Dear readers, please take a few minutes today to pray for your friends struggling with infertility and miscarriage.  And please pray for the family members who are grieving with them.

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One Response to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Jackie says:

    We needed to do the great clothing switch three weeks ago already. Along with it comes the snowsuit, boot, hat and mitten assessment, something you SoCal people don’t need to deal with. I’m always appalled by how much I spend on winter outerwear, but cheap stuff doesn’t cut it here in the frozen tundra where it is routinely -10 without the windchill. It’s also hard to find used outerwear that’s in good shape since everyone else’s kids wear their boots and snowpants for five months as well. My only consolation is that the girl’s clothes can be passed down (sometimes to their brother as well if I can buy in navy blue).

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