Hidden Art Friday

tea and crumpetsTea and crumpets.  For an anglophile like me, they’re the ultimate comfort combo.  In times of stress, I decompress by baking, so I decided to try to make my own crumpets.  This week, I tried this NY Times recipe for whole wheat crumpets because they sounded, well, healthier than the white ones you can buy at the grocery store.  The first time, they didn’t bubble the way storebought crumpets do, so I thought maybe I did something wrong.  The kids and I loved the taste so much that I tried again with the same recipe and let the batter rise longer.  They still didn’t bubble as desired, but they sure are tasty with butter and honey spread on top.  I have several other recipes pinned, so we’ll be trying again over the next few weeks.  Have any of you ever tried to make your own?  Have a fail-safe recipe?  Think I’m crazy to even attempt this?  Do share.

I don’t often mention my kids’ milestones on here, but yesterday morning I went in to get Baby J out of her crib, and she clearly pointed at my mug and said, “Tea!”  That’s my girl.

Is anyone else dreading the daylight savings time change this weekend?  Falling back is awful when you have kids, right?!  I’m kind of still in denial, but I’m going to try to use the misfortune of my kids waking up an hour earlier to establish a new quiet time routine.  If you’re looking for inspiration for devotions, Anna talked about them this summer, and my dear mentor friend Brenda guest blogged about them this spring.

May your weekend be blessed!

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2 Responses to Hidden Art Friday

  1. MJS says:

    I checked and my old reliable Cooks’ Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen does not have a crumpets recipe. 🙁
    This one might be worth a shot though: http://www.seriouseats.com/2012/12/british-bites-crumpets.html That site is run by some people who used to work for Cooks’ Illustrated so they have a similar philosophy about testing recipes. I find the NYT to be hit-or-miss in terms of reliability.

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