Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday!

After being in a friend’s home this week and seeing how her home oozed books, I was inspired to redecorate our school-room (also known as the dining room) a little bit. I cleared off the tops of two of our buffets, and bought baskets to fill with books. Each basket of books has a theme. One is art, with books about art (like Hillyer’s A Child’s HIstory of Art) and books on the lives of artists, as well as large picture books for the kids to comb through. Another is history and architecture, with some of the wonderful David Macaulay books, as well as the Usborne History of the Ancient World. The third bin is fairy tales and poetry, and so far it has been our biggest hit.Library

In the middle there, I’ve got the collection of Pooh by AA Milne, next to a few of the books of Flower Fairies (my 5-year-old loves the Flower Fairies). Alongside those are our collections of fairy tales: some from Hans Christian Anderson, some from the Brother Grimm, and and old copy of the Red Fairy Book. In the bin, though, are the picture book versions of some of these. My favorites are definitely the ones by Paul Zelinsky, like Hansel and Gretel and Rumplestiltskin. Another one of our favorites that is not in the bin is a pop-up book of fairies. We also have a few poetry books in the bin, including one of our favorites: Joyful Noise: Poetry for Two Voices. My big kids absolutely love this little book. I know that same author has another for two voices, and one for four that we’d love to try sometime.

My redecorating kick included creating an additional cozy spot for reading in our piano room (maybe I’ll tell that story sometime–it involves answered prayer for something as silly as a couch!). I caught a moment of my 9-year-old reading to her sister:


As we get ready for Thanksgiving next week, my kids are also looking forward to one of our family’s Thanksgiving traditions: reading as much of the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as we can on a single day. Whatever we don’t get through on Thanksgiving Day itself, we finish up over the weekend. We have never gotten through the entire book, but each year as the kids get older, we get a little further. Maybe this is the year! This is one of our family favorites, and we own no less than four copies–enough for everybody to have a copy to look at while we read.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


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2 Responses to Hidden Art Friday

  1. Christina says:

    You’ve filled up my amazon wish list, yay! Anna, please do a post on fairies!! (also, the illustrations of the Zelinsky books are so wonderful, but I don’t think I could ever keep H&G for ex. in my home. Want to do a post on fairy tales too?) 🙂

  2. Leslie Austin says:

    Anna I was thinking of that series “the lion” as I was reading through your list, remembering how we’ve past it around from cousin to cousin to enjoy. Baskets sound like a way to make your books accessible.

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