Pro-life but Anti-kid?

A new prolife group called Pregnant on Campus floated across my facebook feed last week. (I’ve told you before, and I mean it–I really do get all my news from facebook.) When I went on a fact-finding mission, I found that the group itself is actually not new, but is hitting some news outlets lately because of a newly redesigned website. 

In a summary from, we read that that group has been founded specifically to combat the message of Planned Parenthood on college campuses. They are looking to provide pregnant students with resources to help support their pregnancy, instead of aborting the baby.

Pregnant On Campus enables students at over 530 colleges to locate nearby pregnancy and parenting resources. Each school profile provides emotional, financial, and material resources including but not limited to: peer-to-peer support; off-campus housing; clothing and food assistance; child care; adoption agencies; counseling, available also for post-abortive women; and community or religious organizations.

Any organization looking to counteract the message of Planned Parenthood on college campuses has a worthy goal in mind, and will find they have their work cut out for them.

But if we look again at the interview on Campus Reform, we see that at the heart, the philosophy of this organization is flawed. The fact that they would like to lessen the number of college women having abortions in admirable, but both their starting assumption and their final solution are problematic. At the heart, their basic message to women is the same as Planned Parenthood:

Becoming pregnant in college does not have to change your life at all.

“It’s a site where pregnant students [can] search for resources that are available for them at their own campuses so they don’t have to choose between their baby and their education,” SFLA Director of Communications Kristina Hernandez told Campus Reform.

The solution for Planned Parenthood is abortion. The solution for Pregnant on Campus is financial support and provided daycare.

This may be a pro-life solution, but it is not a pro-child solution. Kids who grow up in single-parent households are worse off than children who grow up in a two-parent home.  And as we have talked about before on the blog, daycare is not good for children. 

Sadly, this organization with a noble goal is answering the problem with feminist solutions. They are telling young women that they can have their baby and continue on their career path. That they can, in fact, have it all. These girls will be in for a big let-down when their baby arrives and they try the juggling act of classes, friendships, homework, day-care, and the fact that they love their little baby so much it hurts. They’ll find the promises that you can have it all ring a little hollow when they feel torn in all different directions. 

There is no easy solution here. We know that abortion is not the answer. But neither is lying to young women, telling them that their life and plans will continue with only a short interruption. The responsibilities that come with pregnancy do not disappear with government intervention. We need to encourage these young women to take on the responsibility that their pregnancy requires, whether that looks like going home to parental support or putting their baby up for adoption.

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