A Family Vision Statement

In the three and a half weeks of unproductive labor at the end of my last pregnancy, I felt like I was perpetually unproductive and aimless. When you’re having contractions every five minutes for days on end, you don’t tend to make plans or start any big tasks. At the end of pregnancy (and in the first sleepless weeks with a newborn), basic survival feels like an accomplishment! But I don’t want to spend my kids’ whole childhood just surviving.

I wonder how many women find themselves staying home with little ones just because they fell into it. Is this just something we do, or is it a noble calling, leading towards a definite goal? Keeping our kids alive, fed and clothed is a good start, of course! But for those days when it feels like all we’re doing is changing diapers and disciplining a stubborn toddler, it’s good to have a vision for where all this is heading.

What is your vision? Have you discussed this with your spouse?  As we start a new year, I’ve been thinking a bit about my vision for our home.  This is not exhaustive, of course, but here are some things I’m convicted to pray for right now.

  • I want our home to be a place where God is glorified in everything we do.
  • I want our interactions to exhibit love, mercy, and grace.
  • I want our marriage to picture Christ and His Church.
  • I want our children to practice obeying God by obeying my husband and me, and to practice loving others by loving their siblings.
  • I want my son to grow strong in his faith, to continue to make it his own, to ask deep questions, to stay excited about the Word, to protect his sisters, and to grow into a strong man of God, a servant leader whose mind, heart, and strength are committed to Him.
  • I want my daughters to grow up secure in the love of their earthly dad and Heavenly Father, rejecting the poisonous messages about beauty and female worth that the world sends our way, especially here in SoCal. I want them to learn to use their minds, to be generous and hospitable, to be each other’s best friends, and to be totally sold out for Jesus.
  • I’m praying that God will call at least one of our children to the mission field.

Does your family have a family vision statement? 

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