My Advice to the Young Lady Who Aspires to Be a Homemaker, Part Two

This week, I’m taking a break from talking to moms and instead am sharing some thoughts I’ve had for young women who are aspiring to be homemakers and moms.  Yesterday I talked about developing financial responsibility, and today I’d like to encourage hopeful homemakers to look for mentors:

  • Seek out opportunities to practice homemaking. If your mom is a homemaker, you should start by observing her. Go beyond your required chores and try to be involved in the various aspects of running a home. You might be involved with cooking by helping plan a menu, finding new recipes, or taking over Sunday’s meals. If you’re not already helping with laundry, sit with her to sort and fold. Go grocery shopping with her and observe why she shops where she does and why she buys the brands she does.  I’ve found that I don’t need to pay a lot of attention to frugal shopping blogs because I already learned about it all while growing up under my mom’s tutelage.
  • Whether or not you have a homemaking mom, you can observe other women in the church who have skills you’d like, and ask them to mentor you in that area. My dear friend Brenda loves teaching the younger women to sew. The hours I spent in her basement sewing room not only provided me with sewing skills, but they were filled with discussions of literature and wisdom on life. She is truly a Titus 2 mentor to me. Many older women would love to spend a Saturday morning baking bread or cookies or making a baby quilt with a young woman in their church. While you’re working together, don’t be afraid to ask about how she runs her home in other areas.  As a young newlywed, I gleaned so much wisdom from more experienced homemakers, simply by being in their homes and watching them do life.  And now that I’m a bit more seasoned myself, it is a delight to have young women into my home and share my knowledge.

Of course, there are no guarantees that my sweet teenage babysitters will get to be married and have children in their ideal time frame, but I believe that any woman, working or not, single or married, will benefit from good financial habits and confidence in the domestic arts!


If you’re a seasoned homemaker, what was the best advice/preparation you received along the way?  What would you share with a young woman who hopes to be in your shoes a decade from now? 

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