Hidden Art Friday

cornmeal waffles

Happy weekend!  Today’s HAF is a day late because yesterday was my baby’s birthday, and I was otherwise occupied.

I’ve shared in the past that my family loves waffles.  On Saturdays when my husband is not traveling for work, we all enjoy a fancier breakfast, and Martha Stewart’s cornmeal waffles recipe is one of our favorites (we don’t fuss with the fancy topping–just fresh fruit for us!)

In other reading, I loved this blog post on the cost of motherhood. (HT: Like Mother, Like Daughter)

And this one at The Federalist is from a few months back, but is a very honest take: I Didn’t Want Kids, But I’m Glad I Got Them.

Nancy Wilson has an oldie-but-goodie about why quantity time matters with young children: “Kids need quality time all right, but they need tons and tons and tons of it. They are actually little bottomless pits, hungry for time with Mom all day long. And if they don’t have access to their parents, they will look for attention elsewhere, of course. They’re not dumb.”

And I talked about the sometimes-rough adjustment to staying home with your kids last year.

Hope you (and your kids!) have a wonderful weekend!

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