The Long Winter

It has been a very long winter, here at Talcott central. Even as I write, the temperature is still only 38. The days that it has gotten above 50 degrees, the kids and I have donned flip flops and skirts, feeling like the warm spring winds are blowing. I think we need some weather recalibrating.


(See our Easter tulips?)

Homeschooling-wise, it has also been a long winter. Every year brings about its own challenges, and while February homeschooling blues are not unknown to homeschooling moms, this year had some new struggles for me. In desperation, I e-mailed an old mentor of mine, a dear friend and godly woman, and she led me to a few resources which have made a discernible difference.

I won’t be sharing my private e-mail correspondence, but my friend also wrote a blog post on the same subject, titled Homeschooling in February (Or, how to deal with Giant Despair). I highly recommend it. She also lists a few other resources in the post that are helpful.

While Giant Despair is an issue for me, I was also having some major practical issues: how exactly does one homeschool six kids through the long winter, when the baby wants to destroy everything, all the time? She sent me to a blog I had never seen: Amongst Lovely Things. 

This blog has been a breath of fresh air for my homeschooling. I linked to one of her podcasts several weeks ago in my post about reading, but I have found so many other things helpful, as well. This post on using spiral-bound notebooks has revolutionized (not kidding!) my kids’ motivational issues throughout the day. Her ideas on simplifying the curriculum and making sure that you’re doing things you love in your homeschool have really cemented ideas that I was already thinking about, giving me the freedom to drop some of the ‘extras’ I was trying to shove into our days. I would encourage you to go look at her blog–it really is wonderful.

This post may be too late to help any February blues out there this year, but maybe it will plant some seeds for next year. How about you all? How did you combat February this year?

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