Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everybody!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on Friday, but I’ve got a few projects in the works that I can share with you over the next few weeks.

This first one really is cheating for a Hidden Art Friday. This winter, we completely a bathroom addition to our old house. Our house was built in 1905, and when we moved in, had one full bathroom upstairs and one half bathroom downstairs. It also had two master closets, which is very unusual in a house of that age. In addition, there was another closet in the hallway that backed up against the master bedroom. One of the reasons that we bought the house was that we saw the potential to turn these two extra closets into a master bath.


And now we have!

This was a project that I absolutely loved. We poured over pinterest pictures, looking for ideas about how to manage the sloped roofline. We talked to the contractor about the possibility of reusing old moulding for the door so it would fit with the character of the rest of the house. I was in home remodel heaven.


The best part, by far, was picking out the tile for the shower and floors. Once that was decided on, everything else fell into place.



The contractors laughed at me when I told them that really, this was a room for me to make phone calls in without any disturbances.

Now I have had my eyes opened to the joy of old home remodel. My husband has had to reign in all my wonderful ideas for how we could improve the rest of the house. So now I am working on contentment. Our bathroom was a ton of fun, it turned out beautifully, and I can enjoy it, whether I am showering without a kid coming in to brush his teeth, or making an appointment on the phone.

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