Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

Our living room has undergone several changes this year. Our house is an old house, colonial in style, with all the neat hardwood floors and cool old moldings you would expect. My living room style has been similar. Unfortunately, not knowing we would be undergoing dramatic changes this year, I never took a ‘before’ picture. All I can really show you is this:


This was our sofa (after a few years of severe kid beatings). It was flanked by two sets of matching arm chairs. You can imagine, right?

In the fall, I found an amazing sectional on craigslist and, on a whim, went for it. While I knew it would not fit with the character of our house, it seemed like a better seating option for my family in the room which functions as both a living and family room. I sold a couple of my armchairs, but could not sell the couch, which was in pretty bad shape. (Unfortunately, no great picture here, either. I don’t plan very well, do I?)


The sectional was a good trade. The kids loved it, and it was nice to be able to all cuddle up together when watching a movie. But I hated it. It was way too big for the room, the style drove me crazy, and toys were forever getting lost underneath it. (In fact, when we moved it last weekend, I found tons of game pieces and books we hadn’t seen in months.)

So, much to my husband’s chagrin, I decided to give the old couch a second chance. I have spent the last few months slowly reupholstering it. It’s a massive project, and really slow and fiddly going. But, if you read up about techniques (and I recommend Singer’s Upholstery Basics), it’s really not too bad. The couch has been in the basement, undergoing its transformation, until this weekend, when my husband and I switched things out.


It really is funny to me how much a difference furniture makes for my ability to be peaceful in my house. Now, I feel like the room makes sense, and doesn’t have a very large sectional trying to take over. I can see what toys are under the couch (or behind it), and can fish them out. When the kids want to set up a train or game, we just scoot the ottoman to the side. I feel like order has been restored. In the next few weeks, we will be adding a few more bookshelves–short ones, underneath the window on the left. (I actually tried to go buy them this week, but Ikea was out. Are you kidding me??)

I’d love to hear what works in your living room! Happy weekend!

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