Hidden Art Friday

You guys.  I have had a revelation.  My life has been changed.  Mini. Chocolate. Chips.  We’ve gotten them over the years for various recipes, and I always thought they were cute and fun, but it wasn’t until this spring (after purchasing a bag to decorate the edges of homemade cannoli) that I discovered how amazingly versatile these mini morsels of goodness are.  Add a couple teaspoons to plain yogurt, and the kids think they are eating dessert!  Sprinkle a few on the top of oatmeal, and no more complaining about breakfast.  Use half as much as the muffin recipe calls for, but find that your chocolate is spread much more than when using normal sized chocolate chips.  (I’ve talked about how I’m always trying to tweak muffin recipes.)  Add a few to your pancake batter–because they’re so tiny, they won’t stick out and burn!  They are amazing.  A.MAZ.ING.  I have taken to stocking up on several bags whenever they go on sale.  There you go, fellow chocoholics!  Hidden art cooking tip for the week!

mini chocolate chip pancakes

Elsewhere on the web…

Anna and I enjoyed this post on being a shameless stay-at-home mother!

Okay, so you might think I’m beating a dead horse, but I have one more post on kids and chores from Simple Homeschool that I read and found helpful/encouraging/realistic.  Decluttering is the stage I need to be working on!

In a quest to get some new picture book ideas, I came across this blog with a great list of recommendations.  I love all the ones I’m familiar with, and I’m adding all the unfamiliar ones to our list.

And I read this fascinating post last year but forgot to post it until now: Daycare costs more than college!  Someday I do intend to do a number crunching post for you all about how much I contribute financially to my family by NOT working.  Stay tuned…


Have a wonderful weekend!

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