Hidden Art Friday

blueberry lemon curd cakecompleted lemon cakeblueberry lemon curd layer cake

Wednesday was E’s 6th birthday and our community group potluck night, so I went all out on her birthday cake this year.  She requested something with lemon curd (I use Alton Brown’s recipe), and blueberries were on sale!  So we browsed my embarrassingly huge pinterest dessert board and picked out this lemon blueberry marble cake cake recipe.  I did tweak it, stirring in whole blueberries instead of blueberry preserves, using straight lemon curd between the layers (more on that later), and opting for this lemon curd cream cheese frosting recipe.  It took a long time.  E’s best friend was over for several hours, so that kept the girls occupied.  My grocery swap buddy, Sarah, dropped off her son to entertain mine and shopped for my groceries along with hers so I didn’t have to leave the house to get the blueberries for garnishing.  I used my stand mixer AND hand mixer, my whisk, every mixing bowl, and three different spatulas.  I ran the dishwasher three times in one day.  I was pretty proud of my cake, and boy, did the frosting beaters taste good.

Then we had to get in the car and drive 25 minutes to our potluck.  My 8 year old valiantly held my cake plate almost the whole way with no mishaps.  As we paused at the gate of our friends’ neighborhood, I heard an “Oh no!”  The lemon curd had not bound the layers together as I intended, and layers 2 and 3 had slipped away from layer one and were pleasantly pressing into my son’s not-too-clean soccer jersey.  In an attempt to wedge them back on top, his (probably not too clean) hands became covered with frosting and lemon curd.  When we got to our friends’ house, I had to send the girls out the other door and wipe him, his seatbelt, and the cake plate down with multiple wipes before even unbuckling the poor kid.  Inside, I washed my hands and ruthlessly used my fingers to shove things back in alignment and smooth out the frosting.  Note in the shot from above that the right edge of the cake has an…uneven…look to it.  (I did not serve that soccer-jersey-exposed side to anyone outside of the family.)  Our friends were gracious, but I was so aware that pride goes before a fall!  So instead of an artsy photo with one slice carefully removed to show my general awesomeness and Martha Stewart-like baking prowess, I had to settle for a messy side shot to give you the general idea of what it was supposed to look like.  Good thing E2S is not a cooking blog!  (The cake was very yummy, though, so since this was not my first failed attempt to do pinterest-level decorating, maybe I should stick to the baking and leave the frosting for someone else…)


That’s it!  No links to anything of interest elsewhere, because I’ve been too busy to read anything other than cake recipes. =)  Have a wonderful weekend, and may your cake layers stay stuck together!

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  1. Catherine says:

    It looks delicious! Thank you for sharing all the details, mishaps and all!

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