Hidden Art Friday, Emily Needs Help! Edition 2

Thanks so much to all of you who gave me advice on the couch situation two weeks ago!  To update you all, I tried washing all the easily-removable parts of the couch last weekend, and most of the stains did not come out.  White is definitely not for us.  Stay tuned for what we end up doing…

In the meantime, please tell me what you think I should do about window coverings in our new place!  Before I show you our multitude of windows, let me preface by saying 1)I hate mini blinds with a passion. 2)I love curtains because of how they look and how easy they are to install and wash when they need it. 3)Our new windows will all face towards the coast, so we don’t want to cover up all that mountain and ocean view.  4)My husband’s office faces the same direction, just a block down the mountain from us, and it gets hot in the afternoons, so we can’t just leave the windows uncovered unless we all want to get hot, too.  5)We’ll be living at the top of a mountain, so privacy isn’t a super big concern.  With all that said, what do you guys think I should do with all these windows?

Family room:  Thinking of doing one long curtain rod with curtains I can shove to the side most of the time.  Or should I do two separate sets of curtains for the sliding door and the window?

IMG_2290Living room: My mother-in-law suggests cellular shades, because there are so many random different window sizes going on here, and the view is the star, so the coverings should be low profile.  Anyone use cellular shades with a sliding door?  I also had considered roman shades, but they’re expensive to buy, and while I think I could make them, it’s a bit daunting.  Lots of the DIY pictures on pinterest look, well, very DIY-ed.  Also not sure how they would look over all the different sizes.  Also considered curtains that would curve around and cover the random little side windows, too, but again, how would it look?

IMG_2292I mean, really.  Tiny narrow windows on either side…who thought this was a good idea?  And no, vertical vinyl blinds are not an option.

IMG_2294On to the bedrooms…Apparently all the bedrooms are required to have doors that exit straight outside.  A mom’s worst nightmare, right?  We’re already investigating child-proof locks.  In the meantime, will it look stupid if I just re-use my son’s long curtains to cover this door and random tiny side window?  (Do you notice an overuse of “random” as I describe the windows of my future house?)  Of should I do a roman shade here?  Are kids hard on roman shades?  My kids wake at the crack of dawn, so I’ll definitely need good light blocking coverage.  Also, even an eight year old doesn’t really need to look out his window and stare at the air conditioner all day.

IMG_2310I am definitely going to do heavy duty curtains in the girls’ room below, probably with some kind of ribbon valance like these ones that my friend makes.  I might try dyeing some cream curtains that we used in our first apartment, but I haven’t had much success with dye thusfar.  My girls are very hard on windows treatments, so I want something sturdy, with a curtain rod that can’t be bent when the two-year old and four-year old are fighting over how much light they want coming in after naptime.  Nothing with strings or ties, because all three of the girls have cut up significant things (their own hair, special precious doll, each other’s favorite doll clothes) this summer, and even when I think I’ve confiscated every pair of scissors in the house, someone seems to find them just when temptation is at its strongest.

IMG_2314You don’t really need to see any more of our crazy windows.  But I am totally planning on spray painting another old set of curtains to use in the master bedroom.  This blogger used a sponge roller, but I have some spray paint leftover from other projects that I’m going to try to use first.  I will have my son take pictures of it for a future HAF, even if it’s a total flop!

Thanks for helping me brainstorm, E2S friends.  I’m particularly interested in what has worked for you guys with windows and little kids.  You guys helped me clarify my thoughts on the couch situation a lot!  And in other news, I’m walking again this week (though slowly and painfully), so hopefully my next HAF post will be more interesting…the very first thing I did when I could put weight on my foot was make lime bars with the kids, and I have a ton of recipes I’ve pinned while sitting around, unable to cook this summer.  Looking forward to sharing the good ones with you this fall.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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