Real Housewives of E2S: 6:57 pm

You know who isn’t a real housewife?  This mom, featured in November’s Family Circle magazine.  She allegedly has four children–three boys, and a baby.  Yet she has not one, but two dining tables sitting on rugs, and not just any rugs, but animal skin rugs!

IMG_2862Either the boys pictured in their perfectly matched pajamas are not really hers and the baby is a model, or the good folks at Family Circle brought in the rugs as room dressing, or she has a dozen maids waiting underneath the table, catching every sticky thing that falls from the kids’ plates, or the animal skins are actually magical, with self-cleaning powers.  And don’t get me started on the light colored slip covers that will show any stain a child drops, rubs in, and spreads around while shifting in his seat.

Here’s what it looks like under a real housewife’s table, with crumbs, crayons, legos, a duplo piece, and stickers stuck to the floor.:


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5 Responses to Real Housewives of E2S: 6:57 pm

  1. Julie S says:

    I would never put any kind of rug under my dining table, but I will say that I’ve read on several mom run house decor blogs that cowskin rungs clean up really nicely from both wet and dry spills. Who wants to vaccuum under a table 3x a day though!

  2. Emily says:

    I can’t imagine that any kind of rug would be easier to clean than a smooth floor when wiping up oatmeal, spaghetti sauce, milk, gummy rice, or granola. =) Certainly the woman featured isn’t doing her own cleaning if she really has four children 8 and under and rugs under both of her tables!

  3. Anitra says:

    I already hate sweeping under the table 3-5 times/day (snacks, you know). Vacuuming? That’s not happening every day in this house!

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