Hidden Art Friday

What is this Hidden Art Friday of which you speak?  Oh yes, a peek into how we pursue the hidden art of homemaking, plus inspiring and interesting links from around the web…  This week, all I’ve got is the latter, plus a beautiful sunset to share.

img_20160303_180016109.jpgI’m still working on the next post on whether working is optional, but it has been a couple hardcore weeks of mothering, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’ve been collecting quite a few good posts that might help out other moms who are struggling, too.

I really needed to reread this post from the archives at Like Mother, Like Daughter, Self-control and where to get it.  The key line for me: “Here’s the thing — I really feel that most of the frustration parents feel at their children’s lack of self-control is firmly rooted in their own lack of self-control! ”  Um, you mean my impatience is the main source of the frustration seething around our house?  Ouch.  How true.

And this week, Leila had some advice for moms worrying about living on one income.  As always, she’s practical and realistic, and I think her discussion is a natural extension of my post last week.  A stay-at-home parent’s value is beyond money, but it’s helpful how much it would cost to pay someone to do all that I do.  Do you have life insurance?  Discussions with my husband revealed that this is a subject we need to revisit in our own family.

I loved Abby’s thoughts on Reclaiming Martyrdom, which culminate in this distinction: “Where the “mommy-martyr” complains and looks at herself, measuring her identity by her children and what they have taken from her, a true martyr faces the very real demands of laying her life down by looking to Christ and finding her identity through all she has received in him.”

Anna recently sent me this post on the dangerous question of “Who Has It Harder?” from Sister, Daughter, Mother Wife.  Her argument boils down to this: “Thinking about who has it harder is harmful and unwise. Our attitude toward our spouse is not one of superiority in difficulty, but one of empathy in one another’s similar and unique hardships.”  Timely, as the pressure of holding down the fort alone (stressful) while my husband traveled for work last week (also stressful) led to some heated words on my part that I needed to repent of. Go read the whole thing, and come back and tell me what you think.

This article on “Why Schools are Failing Our Boys” really resonated with me.  If you have a son, please read and discuss it with your spouse, your mom, or anyone else who really loves him.  The author states, “One hundred and fifty years ago, my son would have been considered a model boy. Today, more often than not, he’s considered a troublemaker due to his failure (or inability?) to conform to the expectations of the modern educational system.”  I homeschool in part because I believe it is developmentally inappropriate to expect a small child to sit still in a classroom all day, but many of the author’s points are still applicable to how I parent my son and what I expect of him in our home life, particularly in regards to physical chores.  How, living in an HOA community that doesn’t even allow me to send my kids outside to play, can I give my son meaningful physical work that contributes to our family’s well-being?  Thoughts or advice welcome.

And I just discovered Redeemed Reader, a thoughtful children’s book review site on which I plan to spend some time this weekend.  Most of our readers here don’t need to be convinced that reading to our kids is one of the most important things we do as parents, but we can all use more book lists, right?


I’m also supposed to be throwing an outdoor birthday party with 15 9-year old boys this weekend, and now it’s supposed to rain, so if I survive, maybe I’ll be back next week to let you know how it went down.  Pray for me.

And have a restful and productive weekend!

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